Month: January 2022

Happy Makara Sankranti 2022

14.01.2022.            FRIDAY Good morning…… *Wish you Happy Makara Sankrãnthi* The Pãrana time for those who observed yesterday’s Êkãdashi fasting is between today Sunrise and 09.04 AM. Today *Nirayana SUN* enters into *Makara Rãsi (Capricorn)* at 02.29 PM Then onwards *Uttarãyana Pünya Kalam* starts. The *Ãyana Pünyä Kãlam* to perform rituals …

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Episode 59Geetha పాఠకుని సందేహాలు

Talk about doubts that arise while one read భగవద్గీత bagavadgeetha. We analyse the content as said in geetha makarindam illustration given already.we come to know various ancient secrets and we everyone among us need to know about it and pass it to our next future generations without hesitation.Click the website link or visit website …

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Episode 58 అనుకున్నవని Anni సాధించటం ఎలా?

Check out my latest episode! How we can achieve our dreams and ambitions in our life? Ilet us understand secret of nature which always gives whenever asked by us is based on principle of law of attraction which does this Acton in perfet sense . Feeling is secret how we can make our dreams becoming …

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