Happy Makara Sankranti 2022

Gopika Viswam
Gopika Viswam
Happy Makara Sankranti 2022

14.01.2022.            FRIDAY

Good morning……

*Wish you Happy Makara Sankrãnthi*

The Pãrana time for those who observed yesterday’s Êkãdashi fasting is between today Sunrise and 09.04 AM.

Today *Nirayana SUN* enters into *Makara Rãsi (Capricorn)* at 02.29 PM Then onwards *Uttarãyana Pünya Kalam* starts.

The *Ãyana Pünyä Kãlam* to perform rituals to deceased ancestors is available today between 02.29 PM and Sunset.

Sun enters into Makara Rãsi in Vrushabha Lagnam. Rohini  nakshatram 4th quarter and in Balava Karanam. It indicates good for learned,scholar and educated people, brings fear and anxiety ,Good health for people, commodities cost would be normal.

Today is *Makara Sankranthi, Pongal, Thai Pongal*. Today is celebrated by boiling freshly harvested rice with fresh milk and Jaggery known it as Pongal or Pongali at the time of Sunrise at an open place and is first offered to the Sun God as a graduate for good harvesting. In Tamilnadu the new solar month *Thai* starts from today hence *Thai Pongal*. Flying kite is one of the most popular events during Sankranthi days. In North India people savor Undhiyu which is spicy baked mix of winter Vegetables and chikkis made with peanuts, sesame seeds and Jaggery.

Today is *Rohini Vratam*. Jain women observe fast on each Rohini nakshatra day for the well being of their husbands.

Today is *Kurma Dwãdashi*.The next day of Pausha Putradã Êkadashî is observed as Kurma Dwãdashi.Also known as Bhishma Dwãdashi or Bhima  Dwãdashi.This particular austerity is dedicated to worship Lord Kurma, the second incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Devotees starts this Vratam from Dashami thithi by taking a holy bath, on Êkadashî day observes the fast and  Worship Lord Vishnu and breaks the fast after the worship of Lord Kurma today which marks the conclusion of the austerity. Devotees strongly believe that by observing this vratam,all their sins be absolved and attains salvation. Special pujãs and Abhishekams are performed at Srikurmam Sri Kurmanatha Swamy temple in Andhra Pradesh.

With Kurmanatha Swamy Smaranam……I wish you very pleasant, beneficialDay.

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